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Artificial Lifts & Production Optimization Technologies & Solutions To Drive Production, Efficiency And Reduce CapEx & OpEx

Bringing together the highest-quality technical and executive level group, this conference gives you the chance to come face-to-face with active operators from Western Canada this September. Contact our team at sponsorship@canadian-business-conferences.com to discuss sponsorship and/or exhibition options.

  • Meet decision-makers that control the profitability of wells and are responsible for making operations more cost-effective
  • Establish relationships with executive leadership to translate their business vision into real results
  • Connect with senior engineers to understand their hand-on requirements
  • Understand how Canadian E&P business structure works and how you can incorporate yourselves within it
  • Engage in multiple valuable conversations over two days that lead to further discussion offsite
  • Network with key individuals and clear, prospective customers with the ultimate goal of revenue generation

If your focus is in one or more of these areas, this event offers the right platform for building long-term partnerships with E&P operators.

  • Artificial Lift Technologies
  • Production Optimization Technologies/Systems
  • Rod Lift Technologies/Systems
  • Gas Lift Technologies/Systems
  • ESP Technologies/Systems
  • Jet Pumps Technologies/Systems
  • Pump Off Controllers
  • Biocides
  • Chemical Injection Technologies/Systems
  • Water Treatment Technologies/Systems
  • Power Generators
  • Gas fired compressors
  • Microgrids
  • Production Chemicals
  • Parrafin remediation Services
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Emulsion reduction Services
  • Friction Reducers/ Surfactants
  • New production automation technologies
  • SCADA systems
  • Remote Monitoring Technologies/Systems

Led By Technical Experts From Canada's Active Shale Plays


Allan Antonio

Artificial Lift Specialist

Chevron Canada


Remi Levesque

Production Engineer

Canadian Natural Resources


Mohammad Kariznovi

Senior Reservoir & Production Engineer

Husky Energy


Peter Letizia

Production Manager

Hammerhead Resources


Tim Moll

Production & Operations Engineer

Tangle Creek Energy


Christina Bernet

Senior Reservoir Development Engineer

Bonanza Creek Energy

Richard Suffron

Richard Suffron

Production Manager

Venturion Oil


Tony Edwards

Co-Founder - Integrated Operations Program, Field of the Future

Fmr. BP

Jim Stirling

Jim Stirling

Reservoir and Production Engineering Advisor

Gran Tierra Energy


Fred Clarke

Fmr. Principal Advisor, Production Optimization & Artificial Lift


Hassan Dehghanpour

Hassan Dehghanpour

Associate Professor

University of Alberta

 Krzysztof Palka

Krzysztof Palka


AkinĂȘ Inc

Montney & Duvernay Artificial Lift & Production Optimization 2019

According to the new CAPP forecast, Canada's total oil production is forecast to increase to 5.86 million barrels per day by 2035 - a growth rate less than 50% of projections made in the 2014 outlook.

At a time when tight oil and liquids-rich natural gas is being seen as a key part of Canada's energy future, and activity levels & optimism is increasing in Western Canada plays, American & Canadian Business Conferences' highly technical artificial lift and production optimization event returns to Calgary, September 25 & 26, 2019.

Thoroughly researched with active operators in Western Canada, the agenda for this comeback event is a direct reflection of Canadian operators' artificial lift and production optimization challenges and delivers cost-control strategies & lessons learned to optimize production from toe to heel, optimize equipment runtime and reduce capital, operating & total lifecycle cost.

With the agenda covering four key areas, including Artificial Lift Optimization Strategies, Production Optimization, Automation & Data Analytics, and Downhole Issue Management, no stones have been left unturned.

  • Strategies For Doing More With Less : Case studies reflecting actual results and best practices for doing more with less, while cutting costs as much as possible
  • Actual Lessons Learned : Real information on what operators tested, what equipment they installed, what results they got and how it helped them better themselves
  • 2 Days of Learning, Networking & Business Development : All attendees will take back all conference presentation material
  • Multiple Registration & Live Stream Options : With subsidized E&P rates and group discounts, plus a fully interactive live stream option available this year, there's no reason to miss out

We look forward to welcoming you to the Artificial Lift & Production Optimization: Western Canada 2019 in Calgary this September.


Agenda At A Glance

Hear Success Stories & Lessons Learned From Active Canadian Tight Oil & Shale Gas Plays



+ Artificial Lift Pump Optimization Strategies : Maximize recovery & achieve peak efficiency out of liquids-rich & gas wells

+ Artificial Lift Application & Performance Evaluation Case Studies : Assess production performance, run time & reliability

+ Artificial Lift Selection Comparisons : Gas lift, plunger lift & sucker rod pumps - determine optimal selection with varying downhole environments

+ Optimizing Switchover Strategies : Select the right lift mechanism for the right application throughout the full project's life

+ Manage Critical Artificial Lift Challenges : Pre-empt and minimize failures & reduce downtime through root-cause analysis


+ Cost Reduction & Production Optimization Case Studies : Improve production performance while reducing capital & operating cost

+ Artificial Lift Technological Innovation : Evaluate Utilizing automation, data analytics & implementing remote operations to optimize operations and recovery rate

+ Mitigate Frac Communication : Reduce risks of frac communication in parent-chid well relationships

+ Production Chemical Optimization & Wax Inhibition : Evaluate innovative production chemistries, injection systems and wax mitigation mechanisms

+ New Strategies & Technologies To Manage Produced Water Volumes and drive water management efficiencies


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